Chaplaincy Program

School Chaplain

Brookman Primary School is committed to providing the best care possible for its Students and the whole school community. A part of this care is the in School Chaplaincy program provided by the YouthCARE organisation. Our Chaplain is Samantha Wilson, who is available every Monday and Tuesday from 8 am – 3 pm to support families, increase the resilience of children and strengthen links between the school and the wider community.

Funded by the State Government in agreement with the Department of Education, YouthCARE Support Chaplaincy services & links an experienced Chaplain to a cluster of schools within a specific district or area. Support Chaplains are able to respond to a wide range of issues as directed by the School Principal and Administration team.

The chaplain’s student pastoral care programs focus on social and emotional skills which impact significantly on: 

  • enhancing academic achievement
  • encouraging positive attitudes and behaviour by students towards themselves, others and their school
  • reducing behaviour and mental health issues (such as truancy, aggression, criminal behaviour, drug and alcohol use, anxiety and depression)
  • enhancing students’ social and emotional competence

If you feel like a chat or want some support or advice, please contact our School Chaplain on 9366 0990 or email