Our School

Brookman Primary School is located 12 kilometres from Perth in the southern suburb of Langford. It is a suburb which continues to experience urban renewal and is in close proximity to public transport and shopping centres. 

In seeking excellence, our school takes great pride in being named as a Finalist in the 2018 School of the Year Awards following on from gaining the Governor’s 2017 STEM Meritorious Leadership Award (Science Technology Engineering Mathematics).

With over 330 students, Brookman has an exciting and diverse cultural mix with one-third of students having English as an Additional Language. Over 30 nationalities create a wonderful multi-cultural blend within the school community bringing with it opportunities for cross-cultural understanding and inclusive activities.

The highly committed and professional staff have the needs and welfare of students at heart and constantly strive to look for evidence based methodology to further improve student outcomes.

As a high performing school, Brookman is fortunate to have high quality specialist teachers in Visual Arts and Performing Arts as well as Science, Physical Education and English as an Additional Language. 

In future proofing student skills in discovery and innovation, all classes from Kindergarten to Year 6 have project based STE+AM (Science Technology Engineering Arts Mathematics) activities embedded into their teaching programs. These projects foster skill development in creativity, independent thinking, critical analysis, problem-solving, teamwork and communication; skills required in high performing countries around the world.

Our school hosts a Child and Parenting Centre onsite which offers families localised family support programs. Government and non-government agencies provide family friendly services and accessibility at the school. These include playgroups, parenting support and workshops, speech therapy and occupational therapy, community nurse and much more.

Parent involvement in the school is strongly encouraged. A purpose built Parent Room provides parents with their own area to meet both formally and informally. The Uniform Shop is also located in this room. A Breakfast Club supported by volunteers operates every morning providing breakfast to students who wish to partake of this opportunity.

The school boasts excellent grounds and facilities including an outstanding computing laboratory, Visual Arts Room, Science Room, both indoor and outdoor STEAM Maker Spaces, Library and Parent Room. All classrooms have Interactive Whiteboards which are used by staff to enhance learning outcomes for their students. A great deal of work has been completed in rejuvenating the school grounds, garden beds and playground equipment. Giant chess and draughts sets in the playground are regularly used by students.

Our school has an excellent set up for its Early Childhood Kindergarten and Pre-Primary students. This state of the art building maximises opportunities for our staff to get our students off to an excellent start to their education through a well-structured Intentional Play Based Learning program.

Brookman has a strong pastoral care program focused on rewarding positive behaviour. Each week students are offered numerous opportunities to expand their skill levels through activities run voluntarily by staff. These include lunchtime sporting activities (football, netball, soccer, touch rugby), game sessions in the library, Chess Club, School Choir, developing resilience through ‘Be You Program’ and leadership roles including School Prefects, Faction Captains and Vice Captains.

Brookman Primary School is proud of its good standing in the broader community, values individual achievement, cultural diversity and strives to develop a love of learning in its students.