Digital Technologies and STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Mathematics) 

Teacher Development School

Brookman Primary School is focused on providing opportunities for its students in ‘Discovery and Innovation’. In doing so we develop the required skills of:

  • creativity
  • independent thinking
  • critical analysis
  • problem-solving
  • teamwork and
  • communication

Brookman has established a reputation as a school highly regarded in leading through innovative approaches to STEAM education. Our school focuses on real-world, meaningful, integrated cross-curricular activities and projects that include facets of all of these key learning areas. Teachers motivate students to explore and utilise their creative skills to problem solve. Through these activities student interest and engagement has increased significantly. 

Established as a Teacher Development School in STEAM, Brookman leads and supports other teachers through the provision of professional learning opportunities on the need for, benefits of and strategies required to establish a successful STEAM learning environment. 

Our school continues to explore the role that the Digital Technologies curriculum plays in supporting problem-solving and project-based learning. 

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Recently our school has been working with FORM – Creative Schools initiative. Here is a link to some of our activities on creativity. 

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