Payments and Contributions


Parents are asked to pay Contributions within the $60 maximum set in the School Education Regulations (2000). The school needs your commitment to the Voluntary Contribution, as it is a major source of funding for the school and relies on all families contributing. Your contribution will be used to supplement school funding for the purchase of resources needed in the provision of the learning program activities including additional sporting equipment.  Please click on link below for 2023 Contributions and Charges.

2023 Contributions and Charges Brookman PS


Some additional activities that are part of an education program and which ‘contributions’ do not cover may incur an additional charge.  All activities are additional and if no payment is received, an alternative activity may be be provided for your child. The School Board recognises the value of these types of activities and seeks to support teachers who coordinate them as part of their teaching programs.


Payment can be made at the school administration between 8.00 a.m. and 3.00 p.m. either by cash or EFTPOS.   Direct deposit to the school bank account is also available. Please ensure if you are paying by direct deposit that you put a reference i.e. family name so we can easily identify who the payment is for.

                            Account Name: Brookman Primary School
                            BSB 066 040           Account No 19900129
                            Reference: Please make sure you enter your child’s name and class in the reference section ie John Smith R3. This enables us to identify your payment.