Principal’s Message

As a state-wide leader in contemporary education, Brookman Primary School is proud of our recent achievements, having won not only the 2020, 2019 and 2018 Governor’s Primary STEM Awards for Leadership Excellence but was also recognised across the state winning the prestigious 2018 Primary School of the Year Award. These awards acknowledge the dedication, hard work and high skill level of both its teaching and non-teaching staff. We pride ourselves on our school’s achievements and continue to challenge ourselves to further improve student engagement. 

We recognize that high performing schools are characterised by STEAM (Science Technology Engineering Arts Mathematics) literate teachers that celebrate discovery and innovation. They know that the exemplary education they provide offers a rich context for developing skills in creativity, independent thinking, critical analysis, problem solving, teamwork and communication; essential skills for success in the twenty first century.

With successful evidence based approaches in Literacy, Numeracy and Science, the school is acknowledged state-wide, Nationally and Internationally for its leadership in STEAM. Brookman staff lead professional development opportunities for other schools in its capacity as a ‘Teacher Development School (TDS)’. Staff regularly mentor teachers from other schools; have delivered at conferences as key speakers and showcased their classrooms to visitors face to face and via video.    STEAM project-based learning from K-6 continues to provide fresh challenges for staff to use innovative cross-curricular planning and revitalised teaching approaches. 

Brookman’s learning environment focusses on developing student risk taking and problem-solving skills through tackling contextual problems.  Our staff work towards building an interesting, appealing and engaging learning environment. 

Keeping abreast with international trends in education, our Intentional Play Based Learning approach in the Early Childhood area guides students though planned activities that maximise opportunities for our students to reach their maximum potential and optimise their opportunities to succeed in their future formal schooling.

We at Brookman pride ourselves in providing positive learning experiences for our students. As well as offering high quality differentiated classroom learning programs, we also offer valuable opportunities for student extension through a range of strategies from Environmental Studies at Lynwood Senior High School, Regional Primary Extension and Challenge classes, Chess Club, Genius Hour, Maths Extension and Choir.

In our quest to develop valued individuals in society, the school’s behaviour programs focus on building in students, a sense of respect, responsibility, positive work ethic and an appreciation of diversity. Brookman staff are committed to success for all students and this has differentiated Brookman from other schools. Our school remains a leader in innovation in education.

We look forward to welcoming your family and offering each and every child an extremely progressive learning environment. On behalf of our school community, I extend an invitation to you to visit our school and learn more about what makes Brookman Primary School the special place it is.

Warm regards
Nikki Lyons, Principal