Our Vision

Brookman Primary School students will achieve to the best of their potential and develop a love of learning within a safe, positive environment. Students will take pride in what they do, value cultural diversity, and enjoy active engagement in a supportive community. 

Our Beliefs

  • A safe learning environment is provided through a consistent whole school approach to Pastoral Care. Core values underpin the expected behaviour of students, staff and parents. 
  • Quality teaching and learning, in a STEAM focused environment, will enhance student learning, developing innovative and creative thinkers. 
  • Australian Professional Standards for Teachers are implemented with an emphasis on ongoing professional growth resulting in consistent whole school improvements. 
  • Student performance data is collected, monitored and reviewed regularly to inform class and whole school planning. 
  • A distributed leadership model is flexible, innovative and positive with effective communication between staff, students and the community. 
  • We work with the broader community to foster positive relationships and improve children’s health, well-being and readiness for school.