Welcome to Brookman Primary School

Brookman Primary School is located 12 kilometres from Perth in the southern suburb of Langford. It is a suburb which continues to experience urban renewal and is in close proximity to public transport and shopping centres. 

In seeking excellence, our school takes great pride in being 2018 WA Primary School of the Year and winners of the 2019 and 2018 “Leadership Excellence Award” in the Governor’s School STEM Awards, (Science Technology Engineering and Mathematics)

With over 330 students, Brookman has an exciting and diverse cultural mix with one third of students having English as an Additional Language. Over 30 nationalities create a wonderful multi-cultural blend within the school community bringing with it opportunities for cross cultural understanding and inclusive activities. Read more…

“Brookman Primary School students will achieve to the best of their potential and develop a love of learning within a safe, positive environment. Students will take pride in what they do, value cultural diversity, and enjoy active engagement in a supportive community”.